Journals still available

If you didn’t make it to the Socrates Cafe today to pick up your Happy LIFE journal, email and we’ll let you know when and where you can get one.  Until then, just jump in and send an email or note to someone who makes your life better and you’ll be on you way to the Happy LIFE.  We’re glad to have you; there’s strength in numbers!


Today’s the Happy Day!

Today’s the day we start The Happy L.I.F.E.!

Start your first happy habit by sending an email or note each day, for twenty one days, to someone you’re grateful to have in your life.  Make a tangible expression of gratitude part part of how you live in the world each day.

And, if you’re on the LIFE campus, come by the Socrates Cafe for a kickoff celebration!  Pick up your Happy L.I.F.E. journal, fun little surprises as symbols of your commitment to expressing gratitude and answer Happy L.I.F.E. trivia questions for a chance to win cool LIFE stuff.

Happy trails!


Welcome to the “Happy Habits” of the Life In Focus Experiment

We’re inviting you, along with members of our campus, professional and local communities, to be part of the Happy L.I.F.E.  We begin with many thanks to Shawn Achor for the bridge he builds (or, as some might say, in the leaps he takes) in his TEDx talk between some of the existing research in positive psychology and simple, practical applications that may help us increase the positivity in our lives.

We hope that you’ll find all the activities of the Happy L.I.F.E. meaningful and continue to build on each one as you add the next habit to your daily positivity practices.  By the end, you may just have five new habits that create greater satisfaction, success and, yes, maybe even a greater sense of happiness in your life.  And, don’t worry if you miss a start date – just jump right in with a positive intention get started from right where you are.

Or, if you’re already practicing one of the habits, we encourage you to combine your positive intentions with ours and we challenge you to go to the next level in the practice of your habit.  For instance, if you’re already meditating, add compassion or self-discovery to your intentions.  If you’re already exercising, add intention to your workout by turning off the noise – or the iPod – and truly focus inward on the mind-body connection…you get the idea.  Whatever you’re already doing, take it up a notch.

Our phases will follow our academic calendar (we’re on the quarter system) so that our students, staff and faculty have a chance to begin each phase at less hectic times of each quarter.  And, we’ve built in some “breathers” between each 21-day phase so that you can experience the satisfaction of continuing each habit, on your own, into the next phase.